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Millions of music data.


We track for you over 100.000 artists, daily.

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Save all your favourite artists in one place. The tool allows you to tag your favourites and cross-reference all the information.

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Displays all their shows, their analytics, contact info or their news in the selected music press.

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Manage your offers, your budget or the timetable of your event. Share your dealmemos with your team. Generate automatic reminders to agents (or to yourself).

Everything in its right place

Manage your musical crushes, address book, offers, budget, music news and artist statistics in one place.

Meet Alex.

After spending half his life in various positions at the Dour Festival including Artistic Director, Alex. Stevens decided to take on his entrepreneurial side and launched the creative agency KuratedBy, a company that deals mainly with the curation and promotion of several European events and co-produces the Fiftly Lab festival-conference in Brussels.

In addition, he also decided to develop, a tool to help teams to manage proposals, offers, music analytics and facilitate the work of booking large events.

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ūüďł by Diana Vos

Alex Stevens


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