The missing link between promoters, festivals, venues & agents.

The music industry has dramatically changed in recent years. It is becoming easier and easier to create or record music. It is also easier and easier to publish it on all online platforms. Regarding the live industry, it is easier and easier to get in touch with a booker or an agent.

All these changes are generating tons of data and exchanges that no tool can really organize at the moment to help professionals focus on their real added value : booking the best band or dj in the right place and at the best deal.

Bookr is the missing link between all these professionals and will help you stay organized without any effort.

What do we do ?

  • We manage data of thousands of artists.

  • We match the right artist with your event.

  • We keep the agency rosters up to date.

  • We help you follow up on your offers.

  • We help you to make the best deal.

  • We study for you the DNA of festivals and venues.

  • We help you keep an eye on the artists you like.

We're still in beta.

We have been working for years on the tool in collaboration with Dour Festival, Marsatac, Brussels Summer Festival,... and now we just have to tweak the details.

Would you like to be kept informed of the official launch?

About Us

Bookr is an independant startup created in 2020 by a team with over 15 years of experience in the music industry as promoter, marketing manager or agent.

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